Hapuku Lodge and Treehouses

Located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Hapuku Lodge is a 5 star Eco-Retreat just a few km’s north of the eco-marine town of Kaikoura. Nestled 30 feet in the air, the tree houses sit amongst a native Kanuka Grove underneath the majestic Kaikoura Mountains.

"If you could but be a bird you could more fully appreciate the beauty that is Kaikoura." That was our inspiration – how could we put our guests among the birds? 

Our seductive crops of Manuka and Kanuka suggested the solution: station people in the tree tops and they would be closer to the mountains, closer to the ocean, closer to the birds. And that is what we have tried to do – allow our guests to nest in the treetops in a luxurious version of a child’s tree house.

A contemporary country lodge, Hapuku Lodge & Tree Houses is composed of five luxury tree houses set 30 feet (10 metres) above the ground in the canopy of native Kanuka.  An additional four luxury lodge suites and the Olive House suite provide additional accommodation.

The idyllic setting adds to the allure, with the wild deer wandering on the resident farm, olive groves and a vineyard – all set up against the picturesque backdrop of the Kaikoura ranges.

Lodge Facilities:

  • Gym
  • Helipad
  • In house Spa services
  • Sauna
  • Swimming Pool
  • Walking trails
  • Wi-Fi access


Big yawning windows open onto spectacular views of Kaikoura’s stately mountains and surf-washed, Pacific coastline. Each house, clad in native wood and copper shingles sits unobtrusively within the natural beauty of the environment. 

Rooms in the Lodge have breath-taking views of snow-capped mountains and the Pacific coast. Beautiful, hand crafted furniture, tailor-made beds and mattresses, European style bathrooms and rain drop showerheads offers stylish, romantic and relaxing accommodation. 

Local Experiences

Kaikoura is known as the 'Maritime Serengeti' of New Zealand, for the rich abundance of marine life that lives on the shore or in the 1000-metre ocean trench just off the coast.  Whale watching for Sperm Whales is a popular activity, in which you are also likely see colonies of sea lion, pods of dusky dolphin, seabirds and other fauna.  Because of the sea life, the area has historically been and continues to play an important role for New Zealand's Maori population, and thus is the best place on the South Island to learn about Maori culture.  A one-on-one guided tour of the pa (historic Maori fort) as well as a guided walk in the forest, provides an excellent introduction to both landscape and culture.

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Your Hosts

Chris Sturgeon &
Fiona Read


Hapuku Lodge and Tree Houses
Station Road
New Zealand
Freephone (NZ) 0800 KAIKOURA
Fax +64 (0)3 319 6557

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