New Zealand Luxury Lodge Locations

With New Zealand’s Luxury Lodges located in just about every corner of the country, this map will help you to plan your itinerary to make sure you make the most of your holiday. Wander a still valley far from the madding crowd, still your mind while you cast a fly or pitch onto the green, pump up the adrenalin or sharpen your wine palate. Take the road less travelled, wherever the road may lead you...

Lodges of New Zealand offer far more than luxury accommodation and fine cuisine, they offer a total Lodge experience. Tailor made unique experiences, sometimes only available to lodge guests, characterise the exceptional hospitality offered by the Lodges of New Zealand.

Set in outstanding locations with world class on site facilities and activities – the lodges include those with their own vineyards, golf courses, fly fishing rivers running through the property, walking and horse riding trails, superb gardens, working farms, geological sites, tennis courts, and swimming pools, helipads, and in-house private guides.

The choice is yours – the possibilities endless – the experiences unique

Our promise to our guests...

Discover the unique New Zealand tradition of Luxury Lodges set in outstanding locations, owned and operated by people who share a deep love and knowledge of their surroundings. Lodges of New Zealand are a select group of the finest Luxury Lodges in New Zealand - fulfilling the promise of our outstanding New Zealand cuisine, heritage and landscape.

We ensure that we deliver this guest experience by careful and strict assessment of each member lodge by experienced and trained travel industry professionals.

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